John Harper Music

My second RapidWeaver web site. I included some mp3s on here with the Stacks plugin.

by: John Chester

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Mountain Rats

site presenting the exploits of the Mountain Rats - a group of motorcyclists who enjoy touring Europe and, in particular, the Alpine Passes.  Hopefully, the site provides useful information and, above all, the inspiration to fellow bike addicts who have yet to sample the fantastic roads, amazing scenery and excellent hospitality that is available to bikers on the Continent.  The site was built using iWeb - an Apple application enhanced by elements of the functionality provided by Ineedwebhosting.

by: Peter Rycroft

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Alan Dapré

Alan Dapré is the author of 60 books for children. He has also written over 100 television scripts, transmitted home and abroad. His plays have been on BBC Radio 4 and published for use in schools worldwide. The site was created using Sparkle, Visual Website Builder. Pretty much drag and drop. Probably the best WYSIWYG builder he's used.

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